War on poverty needs to be fought on new fronts, local experts say

St. Ben’s Community Meal, a program of St. Benedict the Moor parish, provides dinner to impoverished Milwaukeeans six days a week. (Photo by Sue Vliet)

Experts and advocates are calling for a greater focus on education, wages and assistance for childless adults to alleviate poverty.

Great Handshake competition trains students in character, communication

Students and judges interact during the preliminary stage of The Great Handshake competition. (Photo by Jabril Faraj)

Students from Milwaukee College Prep tested their confidence and social skills at The Great Handshake championship.

South 27st Street construction delayed until spring

Ariane Fischer, walking along South 27th Street with her son Samuel, said the construction has caused her to take fewer trips to shops in the area. (Photo by Edgar Mendez)

Already a headache for business owners and shoppers, construction in the South 27th Street business district has been delayed until spring, though officials say a temporary asphalt surface will allow traffic to run on both sides of the street by next week.

Job Corps prepares young adults for realities of difficult job market

Milwaukee Job Corps students work together during an exercise in a construction trade class. (Photo by Sue Vliet)

Job Corps, a federal program created 50 years ago as part of the War on Poverty, attempts to pull economically disadvantaged youth and young adults out of poverty.

Scholarships give technical school apprentices a boost

Quinn Palmer (third from left, in back) and his crew work on a steam conversion sterilization room at Clement J. Zablocki VA Medical Center. (Photo courtesy of Quinn Palmer)

Student apprentices at technical schools have not been eligible for financial aid until recently. Now, new grants are funding scholarships designed specifically to help them.

Plan for universal driver’s education wins Greater Together Challenge

James Hall Jr., president of the Milwaukee branch of the NAACP, addresses the audience. (Photo by Edgar Mendez)

One solution to addressing Milwaukee’s historic segregation problem is to help isolated African American youth expand their social environment by providing them free driver’s education classes.

Unemployed men turn to online marketplace to find manual labor jobs

Yard work is just one example of manual labor services advertised on Craigslist. (Photo by Kenya Evans)

Craigslist has become a virtual employment center for some Milwaukee men who place ads looking for odd jobs to do for strangers.

Visitors to weekly bed giveaway dream of comfortable place to sleep

Steve Grabosch, founder of Adullam Outreach, shows visitors around a warehouse on a recent Thursday morning. (Photo by Brendan O’Brien)

A community center called Adullam Outreach gives away donated mattresses, box springs and furniture on the city’s North Side.