President Obama to headline Laborfest on Summerfest grounds

President Obama mingles with the crowd at Milwaukee’s Laborfest on Labor Day, 2010. (Photo courtesy of Wisconsin AFL-CIO)

The 55th annual Laborfest will be held from noon to 5 p.m. on the Summerfest grounds.

Micro lawn-mowing businesses put food on table for poor laborers

Richard Wilder stands next to his truck after clearing brush from a lot. (Photo by Brendan O'Brien)

For a few dollars, landscapers mow lawns and clear brush for homeowners and small businesses.

McDonald’s low-wage workers applaud NLRB ruling

Workers demonstrate for higher wages at a local McDonald’s franchise. (Photo By Raina J. Johnson)

Low-wage workers rallied at a local McDonald’s in support of a recent opinion by the National Labor Relations Board general counsel that the company — not just franchisees — has control over workers’ wages.

Spontaneous summer job program spawns loyalty, support

Andre Lee Ellis gives advice and encouragement to some of the young men who came to work in the community garden. (Photo by Andrea Waxman)

As a summer of mentoring and employing a growing group of young men comes to a close, Andre Lee Ellis is considering what’s next for his “We Got This” initiative.

Teenage entrepreneurs sell water bottles to thirsty motorists

Otis Lynn (center) and his friends seek customers on the corner of Hadley and 35th streets in the Sherman Park neighborhood. (Photo by Brendan O’Brien)

Otis Lynn, 14, and his friends sell bottled water to passersby on the corner of Hadley and 35th streets in the Sherman Park neighborhood.

Women small-business owners learn ins and outs of federal contracting

Participants listen to a presentation about strategic research and marketing. (Photo by Hannah Byron)

Federal contracts are available to Milwaukee’s women-owned small-businesses. Owners gathered recently to learn how to get their fair share.

Activist says ‘we got this’ when it comes to keeping black youth busy and safe

Teens pick up garbage in their neighborhood, employed by community activist Andre Lee Ellis. (Photo by Karen Stokes)

Borchert Field resident Andre Lee Ellis has taken anti-violence efforts into his own hands, paying young black men to clean up their neighborhood for several hours each weekend.