Job Corps prepares young adults for realities of difficult job market

Milwaukee Job Corps students work together during an exercise in a construction trade class. (Photo by Sue Vliet)

Job Corps, a federal program created 50 years ago as part of the War on Poverty, attempts to pull economically disadvantaged youth and young adults out of poverty.

Native American art show at City Hall ‘bolsters native voices’

The vibrant paintings on display at City Hall were created by youth at the Urban Ecology Center in Menomonee Valley this summer. (Photo by Raina J. Johnson)

The Native American Awareness Project has art on display at City Hall through Wednesday. The exhibit is a boost for Native American artists who may not have had other opportunities to showcase their work.

Special Report: Nearly three-quarters of MPS high school students labeled ‘truants’

Though the most recent data available shows an increase in the number of MPS students in seats, truancy has plagued the district for more than a decade. (Photo by Tessa Fox)

More than a decade of increased truancy in MPS high schools prompts questions about what the district is doing to address the empty desks.

Volunteers provide help, company to seniors on ‘Make a Difference Day’

More than 300 homes in Milwaukee were winterized recently thanks to about 1,300 volunteers who raked leaves, put up storm windows and did other chores for senior citizens.

Housing Authority spelling bee gives kids chance to s-u-c-c-e-e-d

The city’s Housing Authority runs an annual spelling bee to help students build self-confidence and composure under pressure.

Neighborhood residents welcome ‘ShotSpotter’ and heightened police presence

ShotSpotter sensors quickly alert police to gunfire in neighborhoods.

Urban teacher-training program emphasizes making connections

Siefert Elementary School physical education teacher Joe Pitsch works with a first grader on his throwing skills using the “step, point, throw” technique. (Photo by Raina J. Johnson)

New teachers from across the University of Wisconsin System volunteer for an urban teacher-training program that addresses their own cultural and socioeconomic biases.

Scholarships give technical school apprentices a boost

Quinn Palmer (third from left, in back) and his crew work on a steam conversion sterilization room at Clement J. Zablocki VA Medical Center. (Photo courtesy of Quinn Palmer)

Student apprentices at technical schools have not been eligible for financial aid until recently. Now, new grants are funding scholarships designed specifically to help them.

Fathers find support at annual summit

Attendees at the ninth annual Fatherhood Summit listen as Mayor Tom Barrett and County Executive Chris Abele speak about the importance of fatherhood. (Photo by Molly Rippinger)

Fathers from across the city gathered at the ninth annual Fatherhood Summit.

Medical examiner brings closure to families of deceased homeless people

Bodies lie in the Milwaukee County Medical Examiner's Office. (Photo by Sue Vliet)

The Milwaukee County Medical Examiner’s Office investigates about 40 cases a year of unidentified and unclaimed bodies, many of whom are homeless.