SHARE Mobile Market rolls into Washington Park

February 10, 2012
by Sara Torres

(Photo by Sue Vliet)

More than 40 people shopped at the SHARE Mobile Market held at United Methodist Children’s Services in Washington Park on the first Tuesday of February. The Mobile Market offers healthy food at prices 30 – 50 percent lower than retail.

Washington Park residents are now able to purchase fresh fruits and vegetables and other healthy food options for up to half off at the SHARE Mobile Market the first Tuesday of every month.

The market is held at United Methodist Children’s Services (UMCS), 3939 W. Lisbon Ave., in partnership with Washington Park Partners and Progressive Community Health Center. It provides a variety of foods, including locally and regionally produced items.

UMCS also offers a commodity distribution program the first Tuesday of each month from 9 until 11 a.m., and hosts an emergency food pantry.

(Photo by Sue Vliet)

Mobile Market is a Milwaukee-area program of SHARE, a nonprofit volunteer-run food-buying club that has offered savings on quality foods throughout Wisconsin and surrounding states for more than 25 years.

“The SHARE Mobile Market is an outstanding model of a high-quality, low-cost food shopping experience,” said George Jones, a Washington Park resident and Mobile Market customer. “As a mobile oasis in the middle of the Washington Park neighborhood, I was surprised by the market’s offering of produce, seafood and other groceries.”

Bringing the SHARE Mobile Market to the neighborhood is one step Washington Park Partners has taken to increase access to healthy food as part of its neighborhood plan unveiled in December.

For a full schedule of Mobile Market sale dates, times and locations throughout the Milwaukee area, visit or call SHARE toll free at 800-548-2124.


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